recreation of god

mystery is there, all humans is created, i get to the point where i want something else, at some point you will discover something new that you want. 

if all evil is the one attaining their goal humans die. so the medical fact is that we attained god too early. 

we rediscover the past and the future in all senses of human beings, people will die in natural ways, but robots is creating a past to relive it, make it a future, giving us all a personal attendance to fight for life, if you go by jesus you end up with a natural state to save people from all of this, ending up to kill human race.

so the fight between christian and muslims is needed to make a new life who gives you something, but balance it out, stay calm, the sick will die early or burn in hell, that's the cognitive theory of evolution. but sort out the problems with not making it a fact when the fault is made, if i cannot live forever its cause the life burns out by getting to god by being too sick. we need new life that makes creation over again, i want the future as in the past cause the future isn't really there. fantasy is needed to live a life. some die young cause they don't make their own fantasies or a life.


the medical tag is a depression sickness who evolate itself by triggering mechanisms in humans thanks to human life it goes in circle to recreate a submerged mind or a subtracted one. combine religion with science and you got human life in a sense of truth that is human rules to recreate humanity together. overreact and your sick. 

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